Monday, 27 February 2012


After the streets are clear and hosed down after all good citizens are tucked up in bed and the foxes and owls come out to feast. After the warm glow of a victory in North London sees us safely to bed what is there to say about an extraordinary day at the Emirates?

Balances of power, gap minding and new sheriff in town syndrome has to give way to the cold clinical truth. A 10 point gap becomes a 7pt one rather than a 13 pointer. A rival humiliated in the final third of the game. Boasts neutered; they came they saw we conquered.

The supporters, we played our part and the players responded to early set backs with character and resilience. Of course it's only three points except it isn't.; It was a big "shut your trap" to the voice of the media lovely Lilywhites, a firm clip round the ear hole of the noisy neighbours.
Yesterday we showed that we are The Arsenal we took victory through harmony literally

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