Friday, 10 February 2012


So there is an out pouring for an Englishman to Manage the England Team and good old ‘Arry is the favourite. I can’t imagine it’s for his managerial record; 1 FA Cup, so it must be that his credentials are his intrinsic Englishness, his car salesman manner and his ability to be something of a Cheeky Chappie. If those are the criteria here’s a list of potential competitors for the post

Arthur Dailey
Derek Trotter
Alan Partridge
‘Genial’ Harry Grout
Mike Bassett
Jim ‘nick,nick’ Davidson
Dave Angel-Eco Warrior
Terry McCann
Frank Butcher
Swiss Toni
Guy Richie
Danny Dyer
Tommy Cockles
Arthur Atkinson
Major Gowen
Mike Baldwin
Paul Clarke
Frank Doberman
George Doberman

Frank Burnside
Chris Finch

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