Saturday, 11 February 2012


Thick and thin, ups and downs glory and despair; that’s the lot of the Arsenal supporter and today we were put through the mill. In the earlier contentious KO we saw Liverpool lose and given the shenanigans associated with them currently, who wasn’t a bit pleased to see United win? Then it became clear that Chelsea were going to lose just as we were trailing an awfully moribund Sunderland team at the Stadium of dodgy pitch, then cometh the hour cometh substitute Ramsey with an equaliser that had all of us looking to give a positive spin to a draw. But, hold on, the fat lady was far from singing when substitute Arshavin crossed for substitute Henry to claim the spoils.

And so it was that we claimed three points exactly when we needed them. We took advantage of those around us slipping. Throw in a couple of great Sczesny saves and you could almost feel our ship of destiny changing course. With the Sp*rs NUFC taking place as I type, the thing is that there cannot be a bad result, just shades of better.

All in all a good days football. Methinks that for once MOTD may be worth Sky+ing.

The Arsenal have come out of today with all the positives and all the ‘under the radar’ analysis. I’m happy about that. Let’s just keep doing what we do. For me anyway, today felt like a significant moment in our destiny.

An extra word about Thierry Henry. In a climate where players are full of themselves and believe in their own inherent greatness it was lovely to see Thierry do what he does best. It's been great to be around for his swan song. On a day where race was an issue, a day when we saw how hurtful racism is , let's celebrate that we have a statue of a black man outside our stadium, he's there because hes a legend pure and simple. We don't question it or analyse it, we are the Arsenal and we are above such ignorance. Let's not forget that at the Arsenal we are as diverse a set of supporters as any club in the world.As a person of colour I embrace the Arsenal in all it's diversity; were special. Let's never forget that The Arsenal are great club and a true legend like Thierry shows us what a great club is all about. 

Always Arsenal. Onwards and upwards 

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