Thursday, 2 February 2012

The desperate jauntiness of an orchestra fiddling away for dear life on a sinking ship.

“Don’t spoil the ship for a ha’porth of Tar” a man, wise or otherwise, once said and in the modern football world the cost of Tar is relative but can be imperative to avert a shipwreck.

We saw in the Summer that inadequate crew members were bought on board and it seems that in the January Transfer window, with eight League defeats trailing in our wake that the Captain and no doubt the Admiralty have decided to skimp on the Tar.

At Midnight January 31st as the transfer window, that had only creaked open a fraction closed, we lay adrift in the Premier League table; 18 points behind the joint leaders,13 behind the third placed team, 6 points behind fourth with Liverpool 2 points above and goal difference the only thing seperating us from Newcastle. Yes we welcomed young Mr Eisfeld and welcome he is indeed, but Arsene himself has spoken about the famous adjustment period. What was needed, both in the summer and last month was players (plural) that didn't need to adjust. Just look at how well Arteta has done; he came straight in.

And so we now sit 7th in the League after an away midweek draw at Bolton; under certain circumstances this would have been a decent enough result, something that is part and parcel of the relentless tide of games in a congested fixture list. When you are trying to claw back points it is not too clever though. You can drown in a sea of fixtures when things aren't going well but a better squad gives you options; lifelines.

Investing in the squad at the right time with the right players does not neccesitate extravagence but it does take self realisation and it can take humility.

If the ship does indeed go down; which I guess is viewed as failure to qualify for the cash cow of The ChampionsLeague even more so for the board than another Trophyless year, let it not be because of failure to invest, and indeed reinvest at the right time. Financial prudence is one thing but killing the goose that layed the golden egg could be the danger of not qualifying for Europes Premier Competition.

Ok that's enough nautical euphemism but you get my drift (drift! sorry)

when the ship goes down



  1. I've come to the conclusion that what's going on over there's immoral. They've no desire to win trophies - they'll take on if it falls into their lap but they're not seriously after any. What they're seriously after is keeping the company in the black and collecting their profit share. That includes Wenger, Ivan and the all the directors.

    Harry's dubbed a criminal for being as tax cheat but I believe his crime is far less unethical than that of an entire club knowing it has no genuine belief or even desire to compete at the top. All the powers that be at AFC are interested in is milking its supportrs, year in year out... I'm sick of it.

    I've even begun to hope they lose to bring forth a change. The change however, would need to come in terms of ownership as Stan's hanging on for the Streaming Rights. Arsenal now a world wide brand but no kids in Outer Mongolia are going to pay even a paltry thirty pence to watch a team/club they're not interested in.

    Mick M

  2. For what seems like the millionth time I again asked when did Arsenal football club become so poor that we cannot buy players £20 million pounds and above?

    Better tactics and substitution choices last night would have helped as well.

    Captain Kirk

  3. Good stuff. Don't think anyone can honestly dispute your logic. My belief is that Stan's the prob, but no proof


  4. I expect the board & Wenger have already accepted Europa lg. I mean what will change?- we don’t buy top players anyway, so don’t need to attract players & our best players leaves. Arsenal- the biggest small club in the world



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