Saturday, 14 January 2012


Hold the back page! Now is the winter of horseshit as the press and pundits get all hot and sweaty over Tottenham. The SuperSoaraway, read by Sp*rs fans the length and breadth of Enfield, leads the way with it’s pro Lilly-white spin, it’s all Amazing stuff mind you;

I’m proud we haven’t spent like you City: ‘Arry says that Sp*rs haven’t spent their way to the position they are in, POW!

Tottenham’s glory days: Sp*rs have finished in the top three fifteen times since 1921, BLAM!

Harry’s hot sp*rs: Shots on target-2nd THWACK! Total shots-4th KA-POW! Shooting accuracy-4th BOOF! Goals scored-4th BOOM! Fewest goals conceded-4th WHAM! Clean sheets-4th KA-BLOOEY!

7-1 Sp*rs is Gunner hurt (you didn’t think they wouldn’t mention Arsenal did you?): 7-1 to win a third league title in 130 years, THOOM!

Sensational stuff, no?

Fact is that they are doing alright at the moment and there is no such thing as a false position, but it’s a little early for the gentlemen of the press nostalgic for the ‘glory, glory’ day s of 1961, when Man on the moon, a colour TV in every house, Concorde, England winning the world cup, Mobile phones, Pyschedelia, The Sex Pistols and cordless phones were only pipe dreams, to start talking about a title winning team.

Yet to visit Man City (where Adepaymore is ineligible) Liverpool or indeed the Emirates, and visits from Newcastle and Man Utd Sp*rs have a journey ahead of them that may contain twists and turns.

So, keep things in perspective, yes they are doing well, despite no longer being in Europe, but can we just hold back a bit? This eagerness for this Press darling of a club to succeed is almost sycophantic.

Mind you, the combination of yearning for Sp*rs to do well based on some fifty year old philosophy and ‘Arry’s status as the beloved one of the media makes it inevitable that they are lapping this moment up with gusto.

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