Tuesday, 10 January 2012


Arsenal v Leeds United official programme 04/03/1950
You get the feeling that last night's programme for
 this fixture will become quite a collectors item

Last night could have been just another meeting of Arsenal and Leeds; and there have been plenty over the years between London's finest and the Yorkshiremen, but last night was just like the movies; a perfect script and a performer delivering his lines perfectly. The night was made special by the fans who contributed to an atmosphere of anticipation that rose to a crescendo late in the second half. The Leeds fans with their unintelligible chanting played their part in creating a vibrant atmosphere. Ramsey and Miquel put in good performances and Arshavin, although poor, put in more effort than usual. We saw glimpses from Oxlade-Chamberlaine and Coquelin (before he left the field with an injury), but as much as we tried we were unable to unlock Leeds dogged defence. A locksmith was needed and he duly arrived, to rapturous applause, and of course he obliged.
His goal was as crisply taken as any goal he has ever scored for the Arsenal and it generated a response that was 'one of those' moments.
The late goal against Manchester United in 2007 http://youtu.be/9eVShVf-Zts was the moment that The Emirates first came to life. The winner against Barcelona last year http://youtu.be/1PFVXJPx2O8 was the second and last night was the third http://youtu.be/_bNBN9XlTK0 ; moments that have defined the Emirates. 

Arsenal v Leeds United official programme 29/01/1983 F.A. Cup

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