Friday, 22 October 2010

You can fool some of the people some of the time

When the news of Paul Gascoine's arrest filters through, his modern equivalent Wayne Rooney does a U Turn on his desire to move from Man Utd. The similarities are evident between the two, although Gascoine was a far better player than Rooney.
The reasons given for Rooney signing a five year contract are being given as some sort of reflection on the so called romance and history of the club, assurances being made and obviously a wages increase.There's also an inference of Machiavellian shenanigans from Ferguson
But I have another theory. Wanting to leave Man Utd meant that realistically the options were; Going to Italy or Spain or moving to Manchester City or Chelsea.The facts, I believe, are that he wasn't wanted!
The latter choices were based on the only two domestic sides who could afford him. The foreign option would have meant Rooney learning another language and living a different lifestyle.
He didn't turn up at the World Cup, he hasn't scored from open play since March and his private life is problematic. He also lacks the intellect required for a successful move abroad; therefore he wasn't wanted or needed by Europe's top clubs.
Manchester City and Chelsea at the moment don't need him. They have time to see if Rooney hasn't peaked and should they require him in a year they will simply make United an offer they can't refuse.
Believing that the club you play for lacks ambition is not a problem and why Torres and Fabregas haven't spoken out says a lot about the continental players mindset.
Ferguson on Gascoine

Going back to the Gascoine analogy, Rooney is not the kid from the street that he is portrayed he is a morally deficient basic minded bloke from Liverpool. Even asw an Arsenal fan I can honestly say that where he differs from Gascoine is that Paul turned up at Italia 90 and Euro 96, went to Italy and performed and had a likability factor. To me Rooney, gifted though he is, is someone that is an amalgam of a lot of things that are wrong with the modern footballer his greed and arrogance are undisguised.

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