Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Considerably richer than Roo?

In this time of public service cuts, Fire Service strikes and post credit crunch austerity Wayne Rooney has shown his lack of regard for the common man.
Distasteful shenanigans to give himself a major pay increase. A holiday in Dubai at the seven star Burj Al Arab resort, where he has been indulging in Chicken Nuggets chips and beer. This alongside his use of Prostitutes and smoking makes him look like someone completely out of touch with the public and the public’s perceptions. I honestly expect to see him soon lighting a fat cigar with a twenty pound note whilst tucking into a happy meal.
considerably richer

The working class kid from the street kicking a ball on the street corner routine doesn’t work anymore. Rooney is just a primer example of the modern English footballer; Out of touch and brimming with arrogance. Hardly surprising that there was not one English player nominated for the Ballon d’Or.

I hope the in debt Man Utd money men is happy to be paying so much money to a player of dubious character, who clearly doesn’t look after himself and who is not rated as one of the worlds best.

The thing is that he generates income for the old Trafford club as he is a role model to many akin to the self proclaimed Lotto Lout Michael Carroll; and we all know what happened to him.

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  1. Thatcher started the destruction of 'society' and NuLabor applied the final blow. Is it surprising that in present day UK mediocrity is encouraged and rewarded. It's the best that can be expected from a society that is failing.


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