Monday, 18 October 2010

"Pulis come to my office after assembly"

Tony Pulis the Stoke City manager is at it again; having a pop at Arsene: “Wenger is perceived to be a genius but he hasn’t delivered a trophy in six years,“I have exciting and skilful players like Etherington, Fuller and Tuncay and I am sure they wouldn’t have joined us if we were as bad as Wenger makes out.“But his comments are aimed at seeking an advantage with refs.“I’ve got nothing against foreign managers, they are very nice people, Apart from Arsene Wenger
Now I may from time to time be critical of AW but I will not have managers of other Clubs having a go at Arsene.
In Wenger’s 14 years at Arsenal he has won seven trophies and been runner up on nine occasions. This second statistic is telling and reflects Wenger’s shortcomings at the moment of truth, but what the facts point to is consistency over a decade and a half; Something Pulis is nowhere near approaching. His major achievement? Guiding Stoke City to the Premier League in the 2007–08 season by finishing runners-up. Hurrah! Unsurprisingly his managerial mentor was Harry Redknapp.
Nothing against foreign managers? No reason why he should have and what’s the relevance of nationality? Little Englander mindset at its most obvious. Seeking advantages with Refs? Surely every manager does this? Etherington, Fuller and Tuncay joining Stoke City? Let’s be honest they wouldn’t exactly be on most top mangers waiting list.And as for saying Arsene is not a nice person; School boy stuff! Like Sam Allardyce Pulis has shown himself to be an underdeveloped character with a delusional sense of self. Most of all he comes across like a disgruntled petulant little schoolboy who needs six of the best. Yah boo sucks to you!

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