Sunday, 31 October 2010

Reasons to be cheerful?

So November arrives with cold weather and grey skies. Arsenal sit in 2nd place with a great chance to make progress in the Carling Cup with a home draw against wigan Athletic. Poised to win  our Champions league group and with six months of the season left have 3 of our five tougher away fixtures out of the way, having taken a respectable 4 from 9. I say respectable as, the Man City away trip aside the draw at Anfield on the occasion of Hodgson’s first game was a good result and the Chelsea game I don’t think anyone can really speak of any injustice. That leaves away games at Old Trafford and Sp*rs (who as we know raise their game for this fixture).

With injured players gradually returning and the Polish goalkeepers showing signs of optimism, we’re in relatively good shape.

Or so you’d think. Yesterday at the Emirates West Ham were put to the sword late on after some stout defending, a good performance from Robert Green and a couple of missed opportunities. The level of indignation, vitriol and just general impatience shown by a number of my fellow supporters was down right embarrassing. Let's get some perspective here; it's been a number of years since we were able to blow teams away by half time. Some teams have always, and continue to, come to Arsenal with the express purpose of not losing. When this is the case a degree of patience has to be shown. If Arsenal are playing okay and creating chances a breakthrough is a realistic outcome (as proven yesterday) all the moaning and haranguing doesn't make a blind bit of difference. At the moment Arsenal are just in the business of keeping touch with the leaders which we are doing. After 2 months of the season I would think that anyone who is not relatively happy is a curmudgeon, and an unrealistic one at that.

It's called support!

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