Friday, 8 October 2010

top ten FAVOURITE arsenal goals

 During this interminable Interlull I have decided to put together a list of my favourite Arsenalish goals. Not my assessment of best, or most important just favourites for a variety of reasons. A very difficult task as there are tons of great Arsenal goals to consider. I thought I would restrict it to only one goal per player (but i had to make an exception in Dennis' case)
Anywhere here they are;
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1. Adams
Arsenal v Everton
Premier League
An epiphany for Mr Arsenal

2. Bergkamp
Newcastle United v Arsenal
Premier League
No comment needed

3. Thomas
Liverpool v Arsenal
Football league
“It’s up for grabs now”

4. Henry
Arsenal v Manchester United
Premier League
A sublime moment against our nemesis

5. George
Arsenal v Liverpool
FA CUP Final
Double clinched in dramatic fashion

6. Smith
Arsenal v Parma
EUFA European Cup winners Cup Final
Against all odds Smudger steps up

7. Overmars
Manchester United v Arsenal
Premier League
On mine and Anelka’s Birthday this victory meant ‘game on’

8. Fabregas
Arsenal v Juventus
EUFA Champions League
Bobby wins the ball from Vieira and Cesc comes of age

9. Kanu
Chelsea v Arsenal
Premier League
Nwankwo caps the comeback at an impossible angle

10. Dennis Bergkamp
Arsenal v Bolton Wanderers
Premier League
Dennis adds to Platt’s goal and Highbury shakes as a European place is clinched
Special mention
Netherlands v Argentina (yes I know , I know)
FIFA World Cup
A moment of pure technique and instinct from the Dutch Master


Take out Bergkamp V Bolton and Cesc V Juve and insert the following.

1. Pires v Villa - March 17th 2002. Great way to celebrate Paddy's day, I got on the TV with my mustard shirt and the 'Great Dane' got mugged (FAIL).
2. Henry v Manure - January 2007 - the Emirates got christened!
-Danny R

Some of my personal faves - maybe not the best goals but meant a great deal to moi.
Sunderland v man utd
Brady v spurs
Storey pen v stoke 71
Ian Allison v spurs
Dennis 3 v leicester city
Charlie 2 v derby away in cup
Ray kennedy v spurs
Charlie 2 v ajax

I suppose that's the joy of supporting a club like Arsenal, fair few good memories.
-Mick M

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