Sunday, 3 October 2010

here we go again

And so it came to pass, Arsenal lost AGAIN to Chelsea. The wheel has turned full circle; Arsenal dominated Chelsea for a decade, now the objectionable flash Harrys have the upper hand.
No we weren't battered, as we have been, by the nouveau riche ruffians but there was an air of inevitability about the game in that the longer it went on it looked that for all our possession (something we excel in) there was no real goal threat.
I hate Chelsea with a passion but they are defensively the best side in the country and without the ability to make your chances count you are going to struggle.The real problem is that the current Arsenal side fall short at the biggest hurdles and this is a concern for the longevity of aspiration to be a top club.
Injuries, refereeing etc don't hide the fact that we couldn't climb over Chelsea's brick wall yet again.
The fact that Chelsea have been bankrolled to an unprecedented degree is relevant but should not be an excuse for not taking them on both physically and mentally.
I not only hate Chelsea for the despicable set of players under contract, but for the arrogance of their supporter; having watched the game in a local hostelry (North London) I had to listen to a loud mouthed tit, probably by the name of Toby mouthing off. This character had probably never been to Stamford Bridge and between mouth fulls of Magners was loudly talking shit! (Let's be fair about this , Chelsea have proper 'been there seen it' fans like most other clubs, and they tend to be respectful as we all are.)
He is a typical Chelsea supporter in terms of his ignorance, lack of grace and failure to understand the etiquette of watching football in a pub in North London.
No he did not get his head kicked in, but it was a close call. The modern Chelsea fan is brash and dismissive of other Clubs identity and history. That's why their success will never win them the hearts and minds of the neutral or fans of other clubs. however good will and respect of principles is Arsenal's only claim to fame at the moment. Today was by no means a watershed moment, it was just hugely frustrating to lose yet again to a club who have nothing like the class and history that we have but keep getting the upper hand.

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