Wednesday, 2 May 2012


Spare a thought for Liverpool, a team that have a League Cup triumph to look back on and an FA Cup final to look forward to, but their latest defeat at once impregnable Anfield means they have dropped a staggering 59 points in the league. Without the cup runs they would not be in Europe next season which is unthinkable for a club of their stature and history on the continent.

Would I swap positions with them and have a mid table finish but domestic silverware? I think probably not, I think that in league terms we've shown some positive signs that may indicate the process of re-establishing ourselves as contenders is not too fanciful an idea.

Our trophy drought has to be looked at in context. Yes we've not won the league since 2004 but for Liverpool, whom we are domestic peers of, it’s been 22 years; we should remember that a gap of eight years points to losing our way. When you start talking in decades (plural) it points towards a deeper decline.

It also highlights the change in the landscape where Arsenal and Liverpool's domestic positions; once unchallenged as the big three, along with Manchester United, has been usurped by Chelsea and now Man City.

Yes Liverpool have not covered themselves in glory this season; particularly with the Suarez situation, but they are a proper club and as such it's unsettling to see how their status has changed.

United have stayed at the peak due to finance sure but also because they've had such a remarkable manager. That Arsenal have managed to stay at Champions League qualification level is remarkable given the circumstances.

There are more issues at the club that I may go into at a later date but as of right now, I looked at last nights result at Anfield, reflected, and thought ‘there but for the grace’

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