Wednesday, 9 May 2012


New Premier League Logo?
Glutton Bowl

So if Manchester City win the League they will play Chelsea in The Community Shield 2012. This will be the exact moment that the big money Chickens ploughing untold Millions into English football will have come home ready to settle down.

If you can countenance Chelsea also winning The Champions League it will amplify the strategy of buying success. Abramovich’s plan will have worked; and it only took nine years.

The Traditional big English clubs are Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Everton and Sp*rs. That’s kind of accepted and backed up statistically. These clubs, including our own, have no divine right to anything; that’s not the point.

What is the point? Money talks. That’s the point. All the clubs who did not heed the warning can’t exactly find easy answers either. This English football thing of ours began to chase the Euro with enthusiasm with the SKY deal and ever since money has been god. Kick off times, players wages, ticket prices, Agents fees, kit changes, merchandising, WAGs the whole rotten apple was plucked from the tree by Murdoch and feasted upon with gusto by Oligarchs and ordinary men turned into gluttons.
So when we see two clubs emboldened and hoisted aloft by money, money, money let's just stop and think about what the beautiful game actually means. If the two new money mammoths clash at Wembley in August it perhaps, should be renamed The Glutton Bowl and we should all shed a tear for something that has been lost; and possibly never replaced.
Gordon Gecko never actually said "Greed is good", what he said was "Greed works". The misquote is wrong, the real quote, sadly, is right.

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  1. True, true... Sadly true.

    The tendency now is to wish for one's own super rich owner. We have one and he's meaner than a junkyard dog.

    Do we as fans, try to force the board to deploy him. Or, stick to the present game plan?

    We whinge about these clubs buying titles yet many of us would take a seat at their table in a heartbeat.

    You can't have it both ways... Arsenal have ridden out a few storms. They do the same with this one. It may
    not be within the next couple of years but we'll get the cabinet re-stocked and when we do I wonder what the 
    state of play'll be at Man City & Chelsea?

    The oil may not run out but the men who own it certainly will.
    Mick M


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