Saturday, 12 May 2012


Football Fans 1900–1940
"ask not what you can do for your club, ask what your club can do for you"

Another underwhelming season reaches its fitful climax. At stake qualification for a tournament that we look nowhere near to winning, but a tournament that brings in revenue and supposedly acts as bait for luring quality players.
It's all a bit 'Lasagne Sunday' tomorrow; scraping over the left overs of the season. No trophy at stake just claiming the mythical Golden Fleece like ECL Qualification. Said qualification kind of masks a season's inadequacy (whoever claims it outright today). In our case the statistics are, Won 20 drawn 7 and most damning, lost 10. That's not to say we aren't as mediocre, in league terms, as Chelsea and Newcastle who have also lost 10. Difference being Chelsea have won the FA Cup and are in the ECL Final, Newcastle's form represents a big step forward, therefore they have in effect done better than us this season (and it's not over yet).Even Sp*rs have been better defensively than us. We may scoff at Liverpool's appalling season yet it's one with Silverware.

We need to focus on beating WBA tomorrow in order that we don't have to face the prospect of actually caring who wins the Champions League final, or facing an early qualification round come August or worse still, having to set the SKY+ for Channel 5.

We fill the stadium every week and our travelling support are superb, we have all been patient, we have all kept communicating, with each other; we have the best Bloggers and the most erudite Internet presence. We have stood by the team and dealt with season after season of disappointment. The majority of us have stood by even the most cack handed player and encouraged more than criticised.

Most of all, after all the gripes and frustrations we have defended our club against a hateful media and we have stood up for the Arsenal.

It's time that the club gave something back.

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