Friday, 3 December 2010


Anti Arsenal Talksport and in particular anti Arsenal Adrian Durham have plumbed the depths of xenophobic hate and stupidity. After England failing to get the World cup, or should that be, Russia getting the World Cup. Durham had this to say about Andre Arshavin, who took part in the Russian bid:
"He shouldn't be welcomed back into England after what he did to us" He added that Arshavin "should be booed when he returns to club duty for Arsenal"

I don't listen to Talksport anymore but plenty of people do and this smacks of the Eduardo witch hunt. Anyone who saw the BCFC fans behaviour the other night knows that planting a seed of hate could have terrible repercussions. If you feel that Durham should be bought to task, rather than just ignored for the fool he is, contact any of these addresses.

It's hate mongering xenophobia pure and simple.

methinks international football breeds xenophobia, hatred and indeed racism.    We should not let it interrupt our club football season.  International football should be carried out during the Summer break, and any injuries on returning to their clubs should be at the expense of the National sides, who would be expected to have insurance to cover them.   Players can then decide on Nationalism or family holidays.   Not sure of the nationalism in football / sport and similar illnesses is a particularly English disease or if it spread evenly across the globe.

But Goonerish it is, always

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