Sunday, 5 December 2010

Best of a bad bunch Top Table

"We're so good that even when we're shit we win"-Stuart 'The Brand' Bagge: The Apprentice

Here we sit, again, atop the Premier League table; this time for at least a week. How we got here is a question that is hard to answer. Certainly Nasri's continued quality made the difference during a lack lustre game at an Emirates with notable empty seats. The half hearted boos of the Talkspite listeners among the Fulham fans that greeted Arshavin's touches did little to inspire any sort of retorts. The game itself followed the pattern we have come to expect at The Emirates and therefore no one was really surprised that Fulham fashioned an equaliser to Nasri's wonder goal. To take the lead again was a matter of that little bit of quality that some of our players have. Results elsewhere and the Blackpool weather meant that, at the final whistle we knew that Arsenal were top of the tree.
1-0 & 2-1
You can't argue with facts and with games against Chelsea and Man Utd to come, the improbable could happen; Arsenal going into the new year clear at the top.

What is frustrating though is the three games lost at home. Had we even managed to draw those games (which should have been the minimum from the positions we were in) then we would have that bit of breathing space at the top.

Never the less, in as much as the sun has decided to come out and lighten the winter gloom, the fact that Arsenal are on top of the league is cause for a wry smile and a contemplative "you never know"

Table Topping Arsenal

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