Saturday, 11 December 2010

manchester united v ARSENAL -date with destiny?

Manchester United V Arsenal. Always a big game and in the not too distant past an immensely important game. Defining moments have occurred for both teams in these games and in the Cups it remains a biggie.

However in League terms the positive results at Old Trafford have been significant.

The time was that this fixture (and the corresponding one at Highbury/Emirates) was the top game in the top flight. Regardless of a variety of teams challenging for the title, this fixture since Alex Ferguson arrived, has been the best. Against Graham to an extent but against Wenger definitely.

Forget the Newcastle v Liverpool games, don’t mention the Chelsea v Liverpool encounters, dismiss the Blackburn Rovers v Manchester United moments; Arsenal v Man U/Man U v Arsenal games were the battles of Britain

Let’s see if 13/12/10 goes into the annals as a defining moment.


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