Thursday, 30 December 2010

Homer win followed by Odyssey to Wigan exposes Achilles Heel while Wenger's Nero fiddles away

Me last night, having watched the highlights after avoiding the score all evening;
"Any game where, Diaby & Denilson are anchoring midfield the ineffectual Rosicky and the erratic Arshavin are supporting them and where you have a central pairing of whom 1 gives away a penalty and the other scores an OG in front of a problematic keeper, is going to be a struggle. Add to that a 3 man offensive unit who have never played together,whilst leaving in-form Nasri, a buzzing Walcott and a confident Djourou on the bench and you have a recipe for disaster. Fact is that the 89th minute ‘non penalty’ should have been irrelevant against a 10 man Wigan had the momentum from the Chelsea game been maintained by a rational team selection. Oh did I say rational. Tonight was 1 point gained but 2 points dropped. It seems that this team shoots itself in the foot time after time; and we all know who’s loading the gun!"

After a bit of reflection and a cup of coffee I feel that the result in itself is not bad,however, within the context of the Chelsea game and the current state of the top of the league it's extremely frustrating. More so as I firmly believe that the league is won and lost on 2-1 leads that are maintained for 3 point or lost for 1.
Wenger's team selection, poor performances from talented players,average players unable to raise their game and refereeing decisions are all imponderables. However there is one incontrovertible fault at the heart of Arsenal's erratic form. One factor that, if Wenger gleans anything from training sessions is something that he should address; either in terms of personnel or repetition of training regimes.

So far this season Arsenal have scored as many goals as current leaders Manchester United and more than Chelsea, Man City, Sp*rs and other top four candidates. Arsenal have also (jointly with Man City) won the most games so far this season.Therefore clearly we have a defensive problem;specifically that an unbelievable 50 % of goals conceded have come from set pieces. This is clearly, even to the most stubborn of manager, a major problem.A better first choice goalkeeper, utilising Chamakh and Bendtner more effectivelly on set plays where the ball is lofted into our area, more effective training focusing on this area, purchase of central defender/s that are better equipped to cope with this? none of these things seem to be happening.

To mix classical references, if set piece's are our Achilles heel why is Wenger fiddling while Rome burns?
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  1. I would be interested to know what brand of coffee you drink as not even copious amounts of ganja could have calmed me down. The loss to Wigan is disgraceful, they are a relegation side with very limited resources (although I do have a lot of time for Roberto Martinez). The poor selection of players by Arsene cost us the 3 points pure and simple. He persistence with sub-standard players is costing the Club / Fans trophies and bragging rights. Aptly for the end of the year, I suggest out with the old, in with the new.

    Captain Kirk


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