Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Champions Leagues- Cliche special

All the English clubs have finished top of their EUFA Champions League groups which narrows down the teams that Arsenal would draw should we finish second in our group; If we finish second. Or we could not qualify and go into the Europa cup. Or we could finish top of the group. The reason I posit these scenarios is that there are a number of ways of thinking about things.

1. Oh no what a disaster finishing second! we might get Barcelona.
2. Great, finishing second means we get to play one of the 'big boys'
3. Triffic we've managed to finish top and we will get a softer draw
4. Shit were in the Europa which means Thursday afternoons channel 5
5. Lovely, were in the Europa which I reckon we can win
6. Que Serra Serra

See? none of it is worth worrying about. It's a bit of a 'run before you can walk' situation.
You pays you re money and you takes your chance, its a competition where inevitably you will meet a good team so let's just get to the position where we are in the draw. My concern is always to avoid English teams in the latter stages if possible, but should we get that far and draw one maybe it's our turn after being knocked out by Chelsea Man Utd and Liverpool.

What this season has taught me is ; Expect nothing and you may be nicely surprised.

Let's win tonight Gunners and let the chips fall where they may.
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