Sunday, 21 March 2010

Three Horse race latest

Most looked to Liverpool to raise their game and get a result at Old Trafford and assumed that Chelsea would win their game against Blackburn. The irony of El Hadj Douf, Blackburn’s only player with any flair, scoring the equaliser is probably not lost on Allardyce. So Chelsea have a game in hand and sit in third and Man Utd v Chelsea still remains the key game.

Liverpool not beating Manchester United should not have been a surprise in all honesty. Looking at the stats, Liverpool have lost a third of their games and are in their twentieth season without a title win. The fact that Liverpool are nowhere near what has now become a three horse race is an indictment of how far they have fallen from the high standards that they once had and everyone else aspired to. The six points Arsenal have taken from Liverpool count the same as the six taken from Portsmouth and that in itself is a sign of the times.

What today has shown is that in order to win this title Arsenal have to just keep winning and not rely on anyone else. In this unusually poor league season it’s not the big guns that will ultimately decide who crosses the finish line first and the destination of the Premier Trophy, it is the small calibre teams that will make the difference.

1 Manchester United 31 22 3 6 47 69
2 Arsenal 31 21 4 6 40 67
3 Chelsea 30 20 5 5 42 65

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