Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Collapse at the Bridge

So the enemies of football go out of The Champions League with the usual lack of grace from Drogba and Co.
From Arsenal's point of view it is one less English team that we can potentially play in the next round, which is a good thing. In recent times Arsenal have crashed out at the hands of LFC MUFC and CFC. That continental teams suit our style more is partially true , however Chelsea's exit can only be a good thing for Arsenal and for those opposed to the football culture of greed.


So who will it be?

Man Utd

CSKA Moscow

Olympic Lyonaisse

Bayern Munich

Inter Milan

Barcelona appear to have the upper hand going into tomorrows game against Stuttgart, as do Bordeaux against Olympiacos

one things for sure Arsenal will have to wait for the inevitable revenge that is due against Chelsea

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