Wednesday, 24 March 2010

and we used to go and watch these giants

George Graham bequeathed to Arsene Wenger a handful of giants but he also delivered unto us a truly mundane recollection of wet weekends against Wednesday and cold afternoons against Coventry. The wonder years when I actually attended a lot of away games was during the 0-0 era of Grahams tenure.
ah, just to see these faces and the white badged adidas shirts is a reminder of the good old grey days.
For every tut and groan heard at the emirates there should be a shrug and smile and the simple comment " You should have been watching Arsenal when..."

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  1. From Peter

    Well, you say that. However, it should be noted that between 1988 and 1992 Arsenal were the top scorers (goals per game) in all four leagues. It was after Graham got rid of most of the footballers and marginalised Alan Smith that long-ball rubbish, which suited Wright but ruined everyone else, provided us with soporific afternoons. Smith twice won the Golden Boot without being our penalty taker and without even a hint of greediness in his play. We were Champions both times. After Wright signed for Arsenal Alan Smith scored 12 goals in the rest of his career!
    Go figure.



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