Wednesday, 17 March 2010

From Andrew

Not a great fan of Internazionale (or indeed Italian football generally). Chelsea's European progress would benefit our Premiership chances and I also believe that a Mourinho side remains a real future threat to us in the Champions League so was undecided at the kick off as to who I'd prefer to see through.
However, just 5 minutes of watching Drogba and Terry convinced me that the Italians should prevail for the benefit of us all.
I thought Inter had the game won as soon as Lucio faced up the playground bully that is 'The Drog'. Chelsea are a shadow when the bluff is called on their physicality and Drogba, Terry and Ballack in particular looked increasingly desperate that the Italians seemed to be unintimidated.
Eto's goal was a marvellous moment and Drogba's predictable dismissal another but the sight of Terry continuing to bleat to the officials after the final whistle was even better - obviously it would be far too much to expect the dullard oaf to accept that Chelsea had been outfought, outplayed and outclassed on the night and take defeat in good grace.
No history and no class.

Andrew C,

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