Saturday, 27 March 2010

From John T

Ho gooners.

I wont moan about the disallowed 2nd goal because we were a bit lucky too. But we were consistantly beaten down through the middle.

Those bloody invertibrates again. Whatever about the wisdom of winning trophies with youth, I think AW is proving that it is extremely difficult to win with no back bone, and the League may well be gone now. Even if the Chavs and Manu drop 2 each in their encounter we need them to drop another 3 and us win at Shite art lane.

The GK speaks loudly for/ against himself. But someone needs to bring the absence of DMF to the attention of AW. He could have put Diaby there and left Rosicky on the field. Eduardo was worth a run out after our goal to enable us to keep the ball up front. With so many good passers Dudu might have Nicked one.

Its hard to see the Chavs and Manure dropping 5 each, even if we win all ours. But I suppose anything is possible. I believe that if we keep a clean sheet at home against Barca we will progress.

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