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'JT''s view of FA HQ

If Arsenal v Chelsea becomes a circus of vitriol let us ponder the reasons why. Terry was always a pantomime villain for his off field shenanigans and his general obnoxiousness and now he is defined as that blight on society; the Racist. His treatment by the FA was, in my opinion, lenient (let's not forget that they, in effect, allowed him to play in the Euros having played a part in delaying the court case) and his indignation at them having the temerity to want to take matters further smacks of arrogance and denial.

He's an unpleasant individual and were he less important to his club he would have most likely been shown the door (Jody Morris anyone?). His 'rap sheet' is remarkable in as much as it covers all the bases of bad behaviour and when he rocks up at the Emirates I dare say he will have opprobrium heaped upon him with extreme prejudice. Ashley Cole, his collaborator, will feel relieved that he will not be the focus of the Emirates faithful's ire, although I think the whole 'cashley' situation lies firmly in the draw marked "who cares anymore.
The Boys from SKY keeping an eye on 'JT'

Of course the best way to have any impact on Terry's arrogance is for The Arsenal to take all three points from the Champions of Europe, yes that phrase is hard to type without vomiting, and close the gap. 

It's another test for us in the early stages of the season and an indicator of how our new look squad deals with potential challengers. It's also one of the games where the home support can get behind our boys against a common enemy and let's make no bones about it, this particular enemy is led by an individual who is the enemy of not only football, and the values it tries to uphold, but common decency. After a summer of heroes Terry really is villain, a real enemy of the state.

'JT''s response to his critics

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  1. I dispute your assertion that JT is an 'enemy of the state' NO! he is an enemy of humanity.

    Captain Kirk.


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