Monday, 24 September 2012

Alright now

The Arsenal are doing alright. No need for hyperbole or false modesty; we’re doing alright. Our squad now has two good Right backs, two good left backs, three good centre halves, a reasonable selection of midfield players and a decent selection of attacking options. In Cazorla and Podolski we appear to have spent well and bought in some quality. Wilshire, Sagna, Rosicky, Arshavin and Frimpong have not appeared this season and we seem to have rediscovered a decent back up keeper in Mannone. Oxlade-Chamberlaine may just make that step up from potential to becoming an integral part of the team, Giroud may recapture the confidence in front of goal that made him top scorer in France last season and there remains some reason for optimism throughout the squad.
To make comparisons with previous Arsenal teams is futile; that was then and this is now. The current Arsenal squad is a good one, not a great one, a good one and that is the starting point for any achievement; start out being good and see where that takes you. On balance our squad for 2012/13 is as good as that of a number of teams that you would expect to be ‘there or there abouts’ and how far we go is unknown at this moment.
What can be agreed upon is that we are unbeaten so far, have the same goal difference as the league leaders and have taken 4 points from Anfield and The Etihad. We have good players to come back and the team spirit seems good. Add an improved defensive ethic and you have to say that we’re doing alright.
The season so far? So far so good

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