Saturday, 1 September 2012



I don't feel angry or disappointed or frustrated or bitter or sad or much of anything other than embarrassed by Arsenal's failure to bring in any new faces in the transfer window. I feel embarrassed as an Arsenal supporter that the manager, and by implication the board, feel that our current squad is  good enough to challenge for honours. Yes we bought some new players; none of whom are the real deal, but we are still in profit from VanPersie and Song and the savings from Park and Bendnter moving on. That profit is safely tucked away in the vaults while the Arsenal squad for the 2012/13 season looks as exciting as a wet weekend in Rochdale; and believe me I know of which I speak as a I spent last weekend in a wet Rochdale.

Looking at other club's activities in the window you have to say that there have been some imaginative and bold moves. Not from us though. We stay stuck with this latest Wenger experiment until the January window at a minimum and frankly I expect nothing to happen then either. It really is embarrassing. But 'they' couldn't care less.

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