Saturday, 29 September 2012


Today’s game was billed as the most expensive English game ever, and certainly in terms of cash recieved it probably was, however a feast of football was not forthcoming. In fact what was seen today was a disjointed performance from both parties. Chelsea benefitted from good fortune on their winning goal and on another day Arsenal’s near misses may have gone in. The Terry sideshow was just that; a sideshow, and Chelsea showed that they could defend well. The Arsenal gave a lacklustre performance with perhaps only the fullbacks showing sufficient endeavour.

All in all it was an uninspiring afternoon at the Emirates and, the result aside, it showed how insipid and chaotic strategically this Arsenal can be at times. At home against the Champions of Europe I think that those in attendance could have expected more from the players and certainly some inspiration from the touchline. What we got was uninspired and strange substitutions and nothing in the way of problem solving; we simply pottered along with little sense of urgency.
The performance against the League Champions last week was chalk and cheese and one wonders if the playing staff are sufficiently inspired to perform week in week out.

A word about the goalkeeping department. I think its safe to say that each league goal we have conceded this season has had some element of goalkeeping error or poor decision making. We saw the value of a good keeper today with Cech’s save from Carzola.

We now have to move on to the next game and assign this loss, to one of the most repulsive clubs in history, to the dustbin. We will most likely have an up and down season, and today I for one felt short changed, but this is where we are as a club. That’s the reality and we have to accept that while we support The Arsenal we can still have doubts about Wenger’s Arsenal which at times has the feel of chaos about it.

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