Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Who loves ya baby?

So Theo gets excluded from the England World cup squad, and the so called experts rejoice and rub their hands with glee. For some time now there appears to have been an orchestrated campaign within the inner sanctum of pundits to have a pop at this decent young man. It’s shameful, the amount of schadenfreude that has been exhibited as a result of Cappelo’s choice not to take Theo to the England jolly boys outing in SA.

I can see why Capello has made the decision, obviously Theo hasn’t had an affair with a team mate’s Ex, or spent a night with a senior citizen prostitute, or failed to complete a drugs test nor has he the ability to do the robot or go to night clubs and piss up the counter. Theo has also neglected to cheat on his partner (twice) or decide he doesn’t want to play for England then change his mind. Theo is also guilty of having a better international strike rate than Emille Heskey and not having the bling accoutrements of the Sp*rs contingent. I also understand he’s rubbish at doing the Robot.

Those of you who have read arsenalism before know that I hold the current set of England players, by and large, with barely concealed contempt. Watching their limitations of expression on the pitch and arrogant lack of regard off of it makes mustering any enthusiasm to follow them at The World Cup an impossibility.

Part of me is glad that Theo is not going, and I don’t see much of a big deal about Capello making the decision; these things happen. The role that he has been given at Arsenal by the manager has virtually tied Theo’s hands and Fabio clearly feels he is looking for byline-reaching cross-hitting wide men.

What I object to is the way that such wilful malice is exhibited toward this articulate young man who just wants to play football.

In terms that may be clearly understood “Bollocks to them I say, bollocks to the lot of them”.

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  1. Whilst I agree with your overall points on the England players, I believe that Theo is over rated, played out of position and has been badly let down by his club manager. Theo should have been left at Southampton after Arsenal bought him as he was developing well there. He has gone no where since his transfer, even if he has had injuries I think that they may have served to mask his deficiencies. Yes he has had games as a substitute where he made a difference but overall I do not believe that you can gamble taking him to a tournament where your limited to 23 players. I think that players like Milner, Wright-Phillips, J. Cole and even Lennon are quite rightly further up the current pecking order. The only positive for Theo will be that this may give him a nudge and he might just have to start proving his talent on a regular basis and dare I say stop being so awe-struck, perhaps he is one player that really needs to get an attitude?

    Captain Kirk


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