Thursday, 3 June 2010

Bolton in England clothing

What is it about the England team? Cappello has looked at the tools in his workshop and realised that in trying to play a progressive style of football he will fall short. Attempting to play an expansive possession style of football would result in England’s early elimination. I think that Mr Capello has opted for Premiership type football as the squad he has assembled clearly cannot out pass opponents. And therein lays the problem. England players will continue to play catch up technique wise by this acceptance of viewing International football as the same as club football. Watching this type of play is something that, seen week in week out, leaves little for true admirers of the beautiful game.

The other thing about the current England side is that they are hard to like. If England were a club side they would be a team that I wouldn’t like, much like Bolton under Allardyce. The Core of this squad is Chelsea and Sp*rs. That says a lot about any likability factor. Blood and thunder isn’t enough at the highest level and Capello is clearly focused on the short term prospect of England winning, much as Greece did in the Euros. This short- termism will probably mean that four years from now we will still be playing catch up. Hopefully there will be some changes in the long term that will enable there to be the right players available in the future who can express themselves well both on and off the pitch.

The World Cup is an opportunity to enjoy football and generally speaking the balance of countries represented has enough in the way of gifted players to provide entertainment and yes, the prospect of actually liking teams.

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