Wednesday, 30 June 2010


Arsenalism world cup Quiz

Heres the answers to the world cup quiz; No winners i'm afraid
• Which World cup game was described by David Coleman; “The game you are about to see is the most stupid, appalling, disgusting and disgraceful exhibition of football”?

Chile v Italy 1962

• Aside from Beckanbauer who is the only man to win the world cup as player and manager?

• Mario Zagalo

• Why can’t Stjepan Bobeks world cup scoring record for Yugolsavia ever be beaten?

• Yugoslavia no longer exists

• Who scored the first ever world cup golden goal?

Laurent Blanc France v Paraguay 1998

• Who is the only substitute to score a hat trick in the world cup finals?

• Laszlo Kiss Hungary v el Salvador 1982

• Why was the game between USA v Switzerland in 1994 a first?

• First game played indoors

• Robert Prosinecki was the first player to achieve what double distinction?

• Score for Yugoslavia v UAE and Croatia v Jamaica

• What is the most played fixture in world cup history?

• Brazil v Sweden

• The Jules Rimet trophy was famously stolen and recovered in 1966 but it was stolen at another World Cup finals. Where and when?

• Brazil 1970 and never recovered

• Which was the first world cup finals match to be decided by a shootout?

• West Germany v France 1982

• Which club had the most players in England’s Italia 90 squad?

• Glasgow Rangers

• What is the make of the Boot on the golden boot trophy?

• Adidas

• Why did Italy retain the world cup for twelve years without having to defend it?

• World War 2

okay good luck with the Pub quiz

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