Saturday, 15 December 2012


Planet of the apes is not only a great and seminal Sci-Fi movie but, when watched again, one can draw strong analogies with Arsenal Football Club in 2012. Here's the 'talking doll' evidence.

Stranger in a strange land-Critics
Taylor is a critic of the apes Utopian idealism and Dr. Zaius literally wants to silence any criticism.

Changing landscapes-Changing face of the game
Dr. Zaius is dogmatic about his view on ape culture and is dismissive of evidence that suggests his views are flawed. Doggedly continuing down a path that prevents sub divisions within the apes from developing and challenging the status quo.

Reverse evolution-Decline in achievement
Although the apes are the new order they are, technologically less advanced than the culture they replaced 

Science over religion-Statistics over Belief
The apes belief system is kept intact by having dissenters ridiculed and marginalised.

The Tribunal-The Board
Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil, is the mantra as the autocratic Tribunal hold themselves to be above reason or accountability.

The Forbidden Zone-Highbury
taylor is taken to the Forbidden Zone where he is exposed to the past and a more aspirational culture. Here he faces the cold hard reality of what has been lost.

Ape shall not kill ape-We are all in this together
Despite different sections of ape culture having different roles and social standings there is an underlying ethos that 'ape shall not kill ape' or 'Victoria Concordia Crescit'

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