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No need for a wringing of hands and a gnashing of teeth. A mid table team performs like a mid table team and a mid table team is what we are. This club has recalibrated its ambition in its acceptance of mediocrity. In selling the best players year after year and putting faith in inferior replacements. By setting ECL qualification as the only measure of success a fair to middling status is now entrenched. That's the view from the top but we, the supporters, have not realigned our perceptions accordingly: that appears to be the manager and the boards view of things. Its as if they are saying "we are in control of the club so deal with it" 
Complete Control?
We should be grateful that our club is self sustaining. We should be joyous that our club goes into the Champions league every season but wins nothing. We should be ecstatic that we watch a team that (in the repeated mantra of the manager) shows ‘great spirit’ week after week but lack cohesion or consistency. We should be honoured that we pay a fortune to sit in a soulless winless stadium and watch a team that year on year declines.
Armageddon time?

Mid table mediocrity was the destination some time ago, the manager and the board created the situation that made that inevitable and we have arrived at that destination. It's depressingly simple: we all saw it coming but simply failed to believe it would actually happen. Which brings me to the title of this post which draws an analogy with The Clash.

London Calling
The Clash. One of the great British bands went from the high of the universally acclaimed London Calling to the desultory Cut the Crap. Released in 1985, six years after the landmark London Calling it was the final act in the history of a glorious band now turned into a project. The manager Bernie Rhodes played a pivotal part in the mess; writing and producing large chunks of the album in order to fulfil a vision he had for the band. Drum machines replaced real drumming and synths were all over the record. With two of the star players ejected from the band and workmanlike musicians drafted in the album was an incoherent shambles in comparison to the Clash of years gone by. Sound familiar?
Out of Control

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