Saturday, 22 December 2012


Loath as I am to write anything that might be construed as a match report here on arsenalism© (others do that sort of thing far better than I) but watching today’s victory against Wigan athletic I was transported back over the decades and fully expected to hear the dulcet tones of Brian Moore as the game felt exactly like an old episode of The Big Match.

A grey wet day, that feels like a Sunday, with the Arsenal playing a Northern team in a slightly empty stadium in a match that was mostly perspiration over style, bringing back a 0-1 result. British players on display and a Christmas gesture from the club to the travelling support.

Still a win is a win and a momentary slaking of thirst. A pity we now have to wait until the 29th for hostilities to resume. A home game against Newcastle will no doubt be a good opportunity to get out of the house and shake the cobwebs of Festive over indulgence off. I dare say I will see some of you readers before/after the game at the HC: “I look forward to it Brian”

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