Wednesday, 12 May 2010


I'm not going to do an end of season review as this will be done all across the Blogverse. Instead I am taking an end of season break in the sun.

During this time I shall not be commenting on or reading about the summer silly season of rumour, conjecture and invective. If Arsenal do add to the squad, which in my view is essential, it will be at the eleventh hour as always, and therefore there's no point building up hopes on a daily basis. Nor will I be checking my iPhone whilst basking.

When I see the squad photo for the 2011/12 season I will make some judgements on what to expect for the coming campaign.
Until then I shall attempt to cocoon myself from false optimism at the thought of David Villa lining up alongside Ribery, Helgeland and Buffon at the Emirates with a bionically enhanced VanPersie.

Such despicable individuals as Terry, Ferdinand, Cole, Lennon, Lampard and Shawcrossesq thugs that will be included in the squad, make following England in the world cup untenable. To see those arrogant oafs do well will be of no pleasure at all. Hopefully there will not be the ‘get stuck in’ attitude that has held back English football. If England can actually entertain and win it will make things almost bearable. But in all honesty I will be looking to enjoy some great tournament football from a variety of teams and hoping that Arsenal's representatives don't get broken legs, ankles and hearts.

Final thoughts.
Arsenal are the third best team in a poor league and our final position can't really be argued with. We are also in Europe’s top ten. We need a new goalkeeper. Wenger needs to make some additions in the summer. Injuries at the club need to be investigated. We need to compete for both domestic cup competitions.
'The wonder of you ' needs to be ditched. We need stronger pint glasses at the Emirates bars. Arsenalisation of the stadium should continue. Live broadcasts at the ground need to have a capacity limit. The Che is still a great summer pre/post match pub and the match programme must improve. I fully expect that with the right changes Arsenal can add a trophy next season if we focus on everything. After all, win first and the rest will follow. The big but though is does Wenger feel the same?
When reflecting on the season I have to reflect on the five years of trophylessness and an analagy I would make is

"The last five years we have gone from watching the Beatles at The London Palladium to watching The Bootleg Beatles at The O2 Arena."


wellyousaythat will continue over the summer should you be feeling deprived of missives.
There will also be a Summer interseason quiz next month

See you all next season

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