Saturday, 8 May 2010

From Peter

I used to love being Arsenal. The whole always more than the sum of the parts. Northerners unable to say about us what they always could about Spurs, Chelsea, West Ham and the rest about them being southern softies. Our teams dug in and battled. Wenger used that spirit and Bergkamp, who was at Arsenal for 15 months prior to Wenger's arrival, to win trophies in his first six years. Since then he has gutted the club. We have moved from invincibles to invertebrates in six years. Quite simply, there no chance of any change until Arsene leaves. In a perfect world everyone could be nice to each other all of the time, but there are times when you have to make difficult decisions and that time is now. I haven't noticed Wenger showing one iota of respect for our supporters and, eventually, I am afraid it will come down to nastiness and revolt for the supporters to make their point. I am old enough to remember Arsenal supporters boycotting matches in 1966 to get rid of the totally incompetent Billy Wright. Denis Hill-Wood announced, loftily, that he would leave before he sacked Wright. That summer Wright was sacked. Hill-Wood forgot to leave! What ways are there for supporters to get their views heard? Wenger's fascist response at the now infamous shareholders Q&A session that the supporter who told him at Chelsea that we were not good enough to win the league wasn't a proper supporter because he didn't agree with Wenger was scary. Both Wenger and his blind AKB followers now believe Wenger and Arsenal to be one and the same. Indivisible. Things will only get worse. I hate the idea of everything turning nasty, but they will. When people don't feel that the club or the manager care tuppence for them they will revolt. Wenger should go now before things get out of hand.

Peter A

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