Sunday, 18 September 2016


Is the Premier League beginning to take shape? early season pace setters Man City are at the top and unbeaten, no real surprise given that their expenditure has resulted in a very good squad and they have an elite manager who has jettisoned those that were not up to muster. Everton are the 'surprise package' doing well early on and Chelsea and Liverpool, both of whom have no European distraction, are in prime position for qualification places. Sp*rs are doing pretty well and are therefore being their usual over zealous selves.

So what of the Arsenal? We entered the season with a squad that featured a number of players who the manager said weren't ready: why this state of affairs exists is beyond me and we got off to an abject start at home on the first day of the season yet have gone unbeaten since, in part to late winners and penalties.

And as for Manchester United? The Specious one is not exactly sprinkling fairy dust at Old Trafford, in fact he is cutting quite an abject figure on the touchline somewhat like a petulant child having to stay behind after school. Long may it continue.

Naturally it is far too early to make any kind of predictions at such an early stage but I fancy we will not be seeing a Leicester City style Cinderella story this term.

Who knows what this season holds for the Arsenal, maybe when al the squad are finally ready we might be able to tell.
The self proclaimed World's most exciting and unpredictable league has a distinct feeling of predictability this time around.

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