Sunday, 4 September 2016


In international terms England are a mid table team who have won one trophy in 144 years and therefore fans should realign their expectations accordingly. I am no fan of Sam Allardyce but England won an away game in a competitive fixture yet the complaints ring out. What do people expect? English players are not as good as their foreign counterparts: simple as.  There is not one of those so called ‘world class players’ available to the England manager so it’s more about a collective approach. Winning is everything, win first then look at style later. England are not entitled to be an attractive team who bater the opposition, England are a team who simply don't have he resources of previous England teams who reached Semi-Finals, there is no Gascoine, no Shearer, no Gerard, no Owen, no Lineker, no Campbell or any players that you could imagine doing well at an elite european club. The dearth of outstanding English talent goes deeper and a solution will take years even if we to start tomorrow, so let's just calm down and if we really want to complain aims those complaints at the FA and their failure to address a problem that has been around for decades.

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