Sunday, 12 April 2015


Interesting isn't it? after a run of eight successive wins everything seems fine and dandy at the Arsenal. Closing in on second place, a fully fit squad (almost) and a winnable Semi-final on the horizon. The collapse of Manchester City has helped as has the inevitable downward spiral of that lot up the road but is it a case of what could have been or just being positive that we have something to look forward to as opposed to a meaningless end of season?
Chelsea are closing in on an inevitable Championship, and perhaps rightly so as that arrogant manager of theirs had the funds and the where with all to strengthen their spine considerably during the summer. It has to be said though that Chelsea will be one of those Champions that no one really cares about or likes. Most Champions have an air of something special and a grudging respect for what it takes to achieve such a distinction but Chelsea, the club, the owner, the manager and a large percentage of the fans are eminently dislikable in their uncoothness (if there is such a word) but obviously they won't care.
So what of our destiny? should we finish second and win the FA Cup then we would have a team matching the achievements of the great Arsenal teams under Wenger: but that's conjecture, there is still a long way to go.
Had we started the season without Yaya Sanogo as an attacking option, had Coquelan been in contention, had Ozil and Giroud been fit, had Ospina been in goal... the questions are endless but one does wonder.
More to the point is the question of next season: our capitulation against Monaco or our victory at Old trafford, which will be repeated?
Let's not kid ourselves, this year's Premier League has been very underwhelming: as is evidenced by European exits, but to some extent the title was more 'up for grabs' than it has been in a long time and should we finish second to a club with a manager (albeit it an arrogant classless nerk) of considerable know how and deep pockets then that's not bad.
What I would like to see is a strong finish and real shot at a title campaign next season. That our club is in a good place at the moment is undeniable but the 'glass half empty' mindset will always raise doubts.
Arsene Wenger is going nowhere and should we retain players this summer and make some much needed aditions we may achieve what we want: to be real contenders I just have a nagging doubt in our manager's ability to add that extra percentage from the bench: team selection, tactical responses and above all motivation.
There can be no excuses in the 2015/16 season, we must reflect on how things may have been this time round and grab the glory that is there for the taking.
For now though, it's good times: we are in the mix and our season is not dead. That's not a bad place to be.

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