Monday, 27 April 2015


I’m not one for match reports: others do that much better than me, but what I will say about yesterday’s Arsenal v Chelsea game is that we looked physically combative and were not bullied by Mourinho’s mob and it’s been a while since I’ve seen that, our finishing and final ball let us down but let’s face it Chelsea are the best team in the league when it comes to not losing and a draw is decent in context. 
Given that it wasn’t the most exhilarating of games it was predictable that the press would prod a snide answer out of Mourinho (again). The chants of “boring boring Chelsea” seem to have ruffled the feathers of a club who frankly shouldn’t care less: they are going to be champions, and rightly so, therefore why even comment on a bit of chanting?
It is, as I say, predictable that the cloying sycophants of the media feel the need to elicit a cheap and petty sound bite from the self-anointed Special one.

These uncouth and snotty quips from Mourinho are a predictable facet of his character and his never-ending capacity to deliver them is extremely, predictable and therefore, ironically it makes him very, very boring.

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