Monday, 8 December 2014


A house divided it seems. The reason would most probably be attributable to the man at the helm. There are those that support the club and have faith in the current manager and those that support the club and have no faith in the manager.
Isn't that how civil wars generally start? a question of faith: the believers and the non believers.
One group believes that water can be turned into wine and the other can find no evidence to support that belief and what then happens is unrest which leads to conflict.
At the moment its hardly Victoria Concordia Crescit and I sense that the conflicting views currently being expressed are merely forays that will escalate until we, as a body of supporters, are at Defcon 1.
While we debate the pros and cons of our manager we need to retain that most old fashioned of values: civility.
Heated debate is fine, strident discussion is okay and bombastic badinage is healthy but once we go beyond that we may lose sight of the main issue: the fact that we all support this great club of ours, and in wanting the best for the club we may besmirch our great club's name
My position is clear: I think we need a change but I've discussed my views with those that think differently without abuse or fisticuffs I'm happy to say.
I'm not sure that ranting and arm waving on social media solves anything. I think all it does is make our support look a bit two bob.
With a fixture against last season's beaten finalists in the FA Cup on the horizon, in the only competition that we have a realistic chance of winning, I would suggest that unity be the keyword. Of course if we blow the FA Cup I doubt that there will be any kind of a ceasefire. It's going to be a long season and come May 2015 I would hope that a war of words hadn't  escalated  into something more damaging.

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