Sunday, 14 December 2014


There’s been a lot of talk about respect recently, most of it self righteous and judgemental, but it’s a word that we associate with the principals of fair play that sport should stand for.

Richard Keys and others described Santi Cazorla’s deliciously confident penalty in the 4-1 win against Newcastle United as disrespectful: the irony of Keys making a judgement on matters of respect was probably lost on him. Balderdash I say. Football should be entertaining and moments of skill and daring excite and enamour supporters. Santi’s Pen was a moment to savour and it’s certainly not the first time we have seen such hutzpah from the spot at the Arsenal.

Then there's the issue of respect towards Arsene Wenger. some say criticism of him is disrespectful full stop. I don't agree. I think criticism is part of the remit of supporting and loving your club but certainly effing and blinding is not acceptable and absolutely diminishes ones argument.

I have a view on our current manager and I give that view in what I hope is a measured and constructive way, but abuse? nope, not for me, it's not even just a matter of respect it's pretty much about manners. I also think that there has to be a degree of humour attached to the thoughts and feeling of the Arsenal fan otherwise there is a tendency to  veer towards conflict. 

When we hear of supporters barracking the manager or each other it further polarises opinion, but it's worth remembering that not everyone who supports the same team has the same moral compass or grasp of the rules of civility let alone the same opinion. Banners need not lead to battle and It is possible to agree to disagree, it is also possible to encourage your team even when you are discouraged by the manager. 

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