Friday, 4 October 2013


1. The power or ability to return to the original form, position, etc., after being bent, compressed, or stretched; elasticity.

2. Ability to recover readily from illness, depression, adversity, or the like; buoyancy

Ability takes you far as does team spirit, a little bit of luck: the cliché that is ‘the rub of the green’, but perhaps the most valuable asset for success is resilience. In a league that is very much a marathon not a sprint and in cup competitions where 90 minutes can decide your destiny resilience is key.
When we were top of the league and Eduardo was maimed the Arsenal folded. When Newcastle did the unthinkable and overturned a 0-4 lead in minutes the Arsenal crumbled. This time around we seem to have that elusive buoncebackability (a lovely phrase that) that has resulted in a tremendous run of form. The time to collapse was after the loss to Sp*rs or the home loss to Aston Villa, but on both occasions the Arsenal rose to the challenge: the sort of response we haven’t seen since the days of the Vieira captained glory years.
The away fans have been tremendous even in the darkest moments but now the Emirates faithful seem rejuvenated which makes home advantage palpable. I think that most sensible supporters will always acknowledge real effort: triers, and this set of players tend to give their all which, alongside the improvements in certain team members, makes for a team that can be believed in.
That the press and Sports media are praising us (for now) I couldn’t give two hoots about, as they are a fickle bunch who will jump on any mishaps. What’s really important is that as supporters a sense of unity has broken out. Heads are being lifted even if some refuse to be anything but down and out about things.
Enjoying the good times is as important as wallowing in the bad and one thing hold true for both staes of mind: perspective.
The real test awaits. If our momentum stalls or if we fail to respond when an inevitable setback crops up will the team be up for the fight? You know what? With this lot I think resilience may be here to stay

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