Sunday, 20 October 2013



"Enjoy the moment" That's my current mantra. We are currently riding high and receiving plaudits, and rightly so, for how we have apparently surprised everyone. Yesterday's game against Norwich featured four of the best goals you are likely to see in a game and the defining element in all the strikes was confidence, a level of confidence that we haven't seen in a while. What that's down to is hard to say but clearly the arrival of a genuine world class player has enabled others to have more breathing space and adapt to the challenge of matching the level of quality of our number eleven. Next month there are some mouthwatering fixtures to look forward to and 'looking forward' is the optional phrase as in the past there has been something of a feeling of dread surrounding playing our direct competition. The Liverpool game is a throwback to the era when the two clubs were slugging it out for top spot and Snap's I've Got The Power was top of the charts. The European games are an opportunity to gauge how far we have come and a fixture against a Mourinho led Chelsea has been a bone of contention previously and a chance to turn them over is much anticipated.
At the moment the Gunners are firing and in the famous words of Brian Moore "we kept our powder dry" in the sumer and the team are doing all that we could ask of them. So let's have one eye on the future but remember to enjoy the moment.

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