Thursday, 19 September 2013


Sometimes I can though
Yes I can be as negative as the next blogger but it's nice to feel positive now and again. The Arsenal's current form is good and yes, there are some minus points, but some folk seem incapable of feeling satisfied. i'm not talking about constructive criticism I'm talking about unconstructive moaning. I've given my opinions negative and positive and try to show balance. Lets just enjoy our current succes and look ahead with a smidgeon of optomism
Competing on all fronts is a footballing cliché associated with successful clubs and indeed that is the aspiration of most club’s that are of the requisite status. In order to do this luck is needed, good runs of injury free performance and above all squad depth. On this basis I think we can write off the Carling Cup, or is it the Capital Cup? Let’s just call it the league cup. Playing young aspirants with a smattering of first teamers has been our default in this competition but this season I can’t see how we can give the kids that smattering.
As for the Champions League I think we may be found wanting defensively when crunch time comes but who knows: if we get out of the group stage a knockout competition beckons. The FA Cup may represent our best chance of a trophy and it will require focus from our manager regarding its importance if we are to reclaim our place as serial finalists in this tournament.

But hang on, there’s the League, which at this moment in time we are as well equipped to compete for as a number of other teams: we just need to bide our time and see if players return and other plays stay out of the treatment room
This season already feels strange what with United out of sorts, Chelsea’s returning saviour yet to find his feet, Liverpool staking their claim, City being a bit six of one and half a dozen of the other, Sp*rs slowly integrating their new players and Everton looking compact. The Arsenal seem to have got into a groove of goal scoring and okay defending that lapses occasionally, with penalties being our paybackl. A curious feel about this season so maybe this time around it is anybody’s title.

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