Monday, 15 October 2012


The Arsenal story is one of Shakespearean tragedy, or rather, the Arsenal story of the last few years is one of Shakespearean tragedy. The Invincibles were kings diposed from without and within. Oligarch invaders usurped our position and annual internal strife and hubris stripped our assets. As a club gambles were made that did not pay off and yes, there has been treachery aplenty afoot. Nearly men status has replaced invincibility and those moments of Empire building on the European stage came to nought. 
We've witnessed clandestine meetings that led to betrayal and seen Machiavellian manoeuvring go unchallenged.
Ours is a kingdom that has been left behind, dust encircles our crown.Yes we sit in our resplendent castle but as Emperors without a kingdom. 
But our story stretches back to 1886 and our sleeping giant may yet emerge from its slumber. Will power be taken back? will a coupe take place or will a new Prince arrive to reclaim the throne. We may yet turn a comedy of errors into alls well that ends well, but the real tragedy is that we stood on the brink of true greatness in 2005/06 and our decline, our fall from grace could have been a battle lost and not an entire war

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