Thursday, 18 October 2012


While every right thinking person should be appalled by the goings on in Serbia there needs to be an acknowledgement that racism abroad can be used to deflect from the same disease here in the Premier League. 

While EUFA and FIFA trivialise the indefensible it should be remembered the FA has not covered itself with glory over  the John Terry affair. The Chelsea Captain's behaviour was sidetracked by expedience and national priority and the use of semantics of racism or racist comment.

Most Liverpool supporters would probably acknowledge that the way in which the club acted over the Suarez situation last year was poor and hardly adressed the issue.

The Serbian fans' disgusting behaviour has been rightly criticised by the vast majority of football fans but there are still grounds in Britain where racist chanting continues unabashed, so lets not pretend that everything is rosie. 

The fact is that not being a racist should not be viewed as some sort of honour, it should just be standard behaviour for a human being. Those that choose to be vile racists should be treated appropriately; at home or abroad. One gets the feeling that in the bubble of the football world this probably will not happen.

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