Wednesday, 4 July 2012


At this time of conjecture and before I go off on holiday and self imposed media lockdown I suppose I should take a peek at next season for Arsenal; a season where we surely must be looking to win something (in trophy terms, not just aiming at ECL qualification).

New signings? Yes there have been two so far in Podolski; unimpressive in the Euros and Giroud who was France’s leading scorer last season. I would expect a couple more and I would also expect that none of us would know much about them.

What of the children recently fostered, Bendtner, Arshavin and the interminable Denilson? I can’t really see any of them returning but if only one does I fear it will be Denilson, as Arsene seems to want to consistently flog dead horses. Speaking of which, faith will still be held out for Diaby (Arsene’s pet project for many a year) being able to play back to back minutes in an Arsenal shirt.

Surely we have seen the last of Chamakh and the Park experiment, or whatever it was, must come to an end.

On a positive tip I look forward to seeing Arteta and Koscielny maintain their form that was so good last season and I hope to see a rested Vermaelan return to his former standards, as well as Mertersacker being available for another long season. Will Gervinho deliver on his promise? That’s another question. Santos has all the makings of a reliable, albeit unorthodox member of the squad and of course Sagna’s return can’t come soon enough.

There are a number of players who it is hard to form an opinion on as there are various unknowns associated with them, Jenkinson, Gibbs, Rosicky and Ramsey all fall into no-mans land.

Szczesny certainly needs competition for the goalkeeper position and I would like to see an experienced keeper bought in to provide it. Mind you I’ve been waiting for an experienced keeper in our squad for quite some time.

The most intriguing aspect of Arsenal 12/13 is how Wilshire, Oxlade-Chamberlaine and Walcott develop. Will we see a major impact from them and if so in what position will it be. The only negative associated with Wilshire is the status and long term prognosis on his injury. Frimpong is the other player that splits opinion. I think that if he tones down the social network and celebrity shenanigans we have potentially a very good player on our hands, if not, he may end up another David Bentley.

And finally our captain (as I write this post). RVP will stay or RVP will go; simple as.

My conclusion on Arsenal’s fate next season? Gawd knows! So much depends on the manager and the choices he makes and the principle he either sticks to or adopts.

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