Tuesday, 24 July 2012


having lost one's ideals, illusions, or false ideas about someone or something; disenchanted

Football has reached, or is near to reaching, a tipping point; a point at which the average supporter says "I've had enough". As an Arsenal supporter I have pretty much had enough. This is no 'woe is me' ploy this is the real thing

Enough of rip off prices that feed the gluttonous agents and board members of clubs. Enough of ill mannered footballers wrapped up in their world of Headphones, Bentleys and tattoos, who feel it beneath them to talk to their supporters or sign an autograph for a child. Enough of watching clubs pile on debt and still function as if immune from the idea of morality as their supporters struggle in recessive times.

Enough of our club treating its supporters as customers. Enough of the nonsensical arrogance of Arsenal employees who treat phone enquiries and letters to the club as an inconvenience. Enough of a club as rich as Arsenal failing to compete both in terms of cup competitions and serious intent to win the league in which we play. Enough of marketing men imposing Arsenal kits that are little to do with history and everything to do with income.

Enough of losing our best players and captains on a regular basis. Enough of transfer window frustration and failure to try and get the best players let alone effectively develop youth. Enough of the in-fighting and abuse levelled at fellow supporters that is a result of a club torn apart by stubbornness of philosophy and neglect of foresight. Enough of the death of debate caused by Social media QWERTY Cowboys.

Enough of the whole shebang.

I made a tough decision and have given up my season ticket for the 2012/13 season because I've had enough. I couldn't quite face the prospect of giving it up for ever (I'm an optimist) but I thought about it long and hard. I’ve been a season ticket holder for many a year and been loyal to our great club but,the significant financial obligation aside, I have had it up to here (raises hand to his brow).

I've reached a tipping point of sorts but will follow the Arsenal from outside the confines of the stadium this season in the hope that things may change and I will return to my seat with renewed optimism in August 2013. By change I mean a deeper change in the club and the game.

If not I'm sure that my seat will be taken over by someone who has paid for the privilege to be on the waiting list; waiting to live the dream. Unfortunately that dream has been tainted by avarice and intransigence.

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